Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hawari

  • Professor of chemical pharmacy (University of Damascus)
  • Doctorate in pharmaceutical science (University of Brussels)
  • Diploma in industrial pharmaceutical chemistry (University of Brussels)
  • Diploma in industrial food chemistry (University of Brussels)
  • Biochemistry graduate (University of Paris)
  • Theological training by various Islamic scholars and institutions in Damascus
  • Founder and first chairman of the Islamic Centre Brussels
  • Founder and first president of UMSO (Union of Muslim student organizations in Europe)
  • Co-founder of the Islamic Centre of Aachen and 18 years Vice Chairman

Member of the following Islamic Councils:

  • European Council for Fatwa and Research
  • International Union for Muslim Scolars
  • Fiqh Council of Makkah
  • Fiqh World Islamic Congress in Jeddah
  • Consultant der WHO in Cairo / Geneva
  • Vice Chairman of European Islamic Forum



Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hawari


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Actual interview: Badreddin Hawari (Islamic Centre Aachen) about „Halal-Nahrungsmittel - eine wachstumsstarke Produktgruppe“: Download this file: MP3 / 15 mb